Titania McGrath is a world-renowned millennial icon and radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice and armed peaceful protest, and she’s coming to show you – yes, YOU – why you are wrong about everything!

MXINFESTO takes the form of a confrontational lecture in which Titania guides her audience through the, often bewildering, array of terminology and concepts that constitute 21stcentury “wokeness”. New words such as “manterrupting”, “microaggressions” and “heteronormativity” often leave the general public bemused, particularly if they don’t read the Guardian.
Having conquered the world of social media, Titania is now generously bestowing her wisdom onto a live audience. Her step-by-step guide will enable her audience to become the woke people they need to be in an increasingly progressive world. In a non-patronising manner, Titania will explain where exactly they are going wrong and how to be more like her.  

“The woke guru demolishes the alt-left orthodoxy… venomous satire” – The Spectator
“Provokes howls of rage and laughter” – The Times
“A sharp, subtly-shaped hour” ★★★★★  – Broadway Baby
“This mouthpiece for the extreme left is fully formed in front of our eyes” – ★★★★  – ScotsGay
“Raises a few smiles” ★  – The Guardian

Titania McGrath  

Date City Venue
Tour: Mxnifesto
11/04/20 Salford The Lowry
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13/04/20 Swindon Arts Centre
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14/04/20 Bath Komedia
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15/04/20 London Leicester Square Theatre
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16/04/20 Crawley Hawth Studio
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17/04/20 Bury The Met
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19/04/20 Southampton NST City Studio
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20/04/20 Brighton Komedia
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